Wednesday, March 14, 2012

life :)

When you think about it, love and life gets harder every time you learn something. We have no idea what will happen in our future but we like to think we know, we like to map things out and pretend like we have it under control but honestly we don’t. and when we go trough school we think that planning out what we will do..doent really make sense. What happens when you reach ur goal and you become what you want to become and you find out.. its not what you thought it was. Or you don’t do well in ur job. You cant do it over again, you cant just go back to high school. No once you choose that’s it, ur life planned. But I can make you a promise something will come along and not nessecaerily mess it up, but change ur life. Is that good or bad. Well its both, you shouldn’t want to control ur life, take it as it comes. Money only lasts until its spent, love only lasts till it changes, but life is something you only get one shot at. So don’t miss the goal, basket, pitch waterver you want to refer to it as. Take the shot and if you miss, get up and try again :) 

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