Wednesday, March 14, 2012

life :)

When you think about it, love and life gets harder every time you learn something. We have no idea what will happen in our future but we like to think we know, we like to map things out and pretend like we have it under control but honestly we don’t. and when we go trough school we think that planning out what we will do..doent really make sense. What happens when you reach ur goal and you become what you want to become and you find out.. its not what you thought it was. Or you don’t do well in ur job. You cant do it over again, you cant just go back to high school. No once you choose that’s it, ur life planned. But I can make you a promise something will come along and not nessecaerily mess it up, but change ur life. Is that good or bad. Well its both, you shouldn’t want to control ur life, take it as it comes. Money only lasts until its spent, love only lasts till it changes, but life is something you only get one shot at. So don’t miss the goal, basket, pitch waterver you want to refer to it as. Take the shot and if you miss, get up and try again :) 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So i was driving to Z├╝rich for basketball tournaments and i was sitting in the bus next to an amazing friend of mine, Becky, and the night before we set off i found a like to the most breath taking and inspirational movie i have ever seen. And to make it more popular and really get this project known to everyone i thought i would put up the link and i hope you will take 29 mins of ur precious time to watch this movie and see how much it will change your life. Because it changed my mind and my view on how powerful our generation really can be. I hope you watch it and feel the same way me and Becky did when we watched it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The truth.

Yes i have made mistakes. Yes i have had fights. Yes i have done things i will regret from the rest of my life. Yes i have hurt people. Yes i miss people i actually never thought i would. Yes i have lied to people i loved. Yes i have secrets. But does this mean im a worse person, maybe yes and maybe no. We all make stupid mistakes but the thing is, if you correct them you are doing the right thing again. Dont fight who you are, things you do/have done. It happened. We live to learn. So next time when you know you did something wrong, dont fight it, admit it and carry on. One day it will all be okay. And remember..You only live once so dont miss a beat :) 

Xoxo Hannah 

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Today my post was going to be dedicated to how great all my friends are. But them my mom tells me that  two work colleagues of hers died last night in the train crash in poland. In that very second i knew that in the last 24 hours there are 16 families who's lives have been turned upside down. I want to say even though i dont think anyone will really see this post, my thoughts go 100% out to those families and the two young men, who worked so well for what they had archived. Im sure you were two amazing young men and sadly out of the hundres of people that were on those two trains you and to be two that died. This post goes out to you two and the other 14 people who were tragically torn from life. Even though you two will never see this post i hope you go to heaven and get to watch over your familie from up there.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,          
                             What is a hero? Hero's come in loads of different shapes, sizes and colors. Some kids see hero's as the people who save the world, lift up cars to save puppies, some see hero's to be the people who will keep them safe from the monster in their closet, but i think in a way everyone is a hero. We all save someone from something, it could be anything from saving a friend from a boring dinner date, saving a butterfly from getting trapped in a spiders web, but its still being someones hero. Teachers often say, "it only takes one person to make the difference!" and all the students role their eyes and think "yeah right" but in a way its true we just dont want to believe it, we dont want to take the responsibility of being that one person because we are all scared of failing. We all need a hero, someone to 'have our backs' someone to hold on to, someone to be our safe haven, someone who's hand we can grab on to, someone to talk to, someone who's eyes tell us enough without them having to say anything. Im sure there are thousands of posts identical to this one im writing right now but if everyone realized what they actually had, how many hero's they have in their life and how many people they have in their lives that would risk anything for them, the world would be a much happier place. I have another question for you reader, do you have enemies? I know i do, sadly. Some people think its okay to have them that its a part of life, and up to a point it is but do you really want to pretend like you have a great life when actually you have someone you dislike or dislikes you. Now dont get me wrong, it happens, we cant please everyone, some people dislike our personality and hey F*** them im not changing who i am to please one person. But sometimes its worth the change, you might just find that they are your hero, that the change they put you through opens doors for yourself and you are introduced to something new. And we all know humans literally crave for new things. Just last year something happened in my life that changed me forever, for the good and bad. It happened and i will have to live with it for the rest of my life and in some ways i am happy that it did happen because it opened my eyes and let me see how much i have and what i needed to sort out. I nearly lost someone that i love over everything and everyone...but i didn't and i am unbelievable grateful that even though i have never been a great believer something or someone stopped it from happening. So i am happy to have people who love, understand, hold me, 'have my back', hold my hand, tell me everything without saying a word, people who will teach me lessons, people who have become my enemies, because they made me who i am today.
                          So.. Dear Reader, do you have a hero? Do you have enemies? I hope after reading this post you can think about all the things i have confessed to you and asked you and maybe you will see that life is brilliant and unique.

P.s. You only live once so make it last ;)

Xoxo Hannah