Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So i was driving to Zürich for basketball tournaments and i was sitting in the bus next to an amazing friend of mine, Becky, and the night before we set off i found a like to the most breath taking and inspirational movie i have ever seen. And to make it more popular and really get this project known to everyone i thought i would put up the link and i hope you will take 29 mins of ur precious time to watch this movie and see how much it will change your life. Because it changed my mind and my view on how powerful our generation really can be. I hope you watch it and feel the same way me and Becky did when we watched it.


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  1. I agree so much with what you said above, Hannah. I saw all my friends on facebook reposting this video, and planned on only watching 10 mins of it or so, but i clicked the link, and before i knew it i had watched the whole thing. This video inspired me to share the link as well, and changed my mind about all the negative comments people make about our generation. I hope all of you will take the time to watch it!