Sunday, April 22, 2012

One day baby we'll be old.

"One day baby we'll be old, oh baby we'll be old, think of all the stories we could have told"-wankelmut

This to me is one of the most powerful pieces of lyrics ever. Because i have always been scared of dying and the thought of what happens after that. Where does my soul go? Where do all my thoughts go? Will i come back as something else? Will my voice become invisible? Its a scary thing to never come back ever war, evolution, development will happen but i will never know about it. We are all growing older every second and there is no way to change the time or the decisions we take in life, so make them last and make them good ones, ones you wont regret, ones you can learn from, ones that when you look back it brings a small and glowing smile to your face. Because these are the decisions that become the "stories we could have told". A friend told me just the other day "but we still have eachother right?one day baby we'll be old, think about the stories that we could've told".. and will tell
--Kristy Mesick

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