Thursday, December 29, 2011

Aint no doubt ;)

                 There is no doubt in my mind that i didn't have an amazing christmas, i spent the whole festive weekend with the majority of my family in the beautiful and magical town..Kitzbühel. We arrived and from the second i entered the gorgeous hotel Schloss Lebenberg i knew i was going to have not only an enjoyable christmas but that i could forget everything bad that had happened this year and focus on what i will always have, my caring family. I got to spend an entier weekend with the people i love the most..My mom and dad, aunt uncle and their new born baby girl (my cousin), and of course my grandparents who made this weekend possible. So even though none of these people will be reading this, i want to thank you all for the amazing presents i got and all the fun we had in Kitzbühel. I love you all for being there for each other and getting together and letting my experience a christmas i will never forget.
                Even though, i have missed my friends who might be reading this post, Becky, Nadine, Kristy, Julia, Stella, Claire and all the rest who i love so much. I hope you have had an amazing christmas and have equally been able to spend time with friends and or your family. I also hope that you got all the things you wanted for christmas, coz after the year we all have had you deserved it. The next time i see you will be in the new year!!! And again there is no doubt in my mind that we wont be getting into trouble one way or another and getting up to no good...coz we all know we will be going wild :D I wish you all a belated Merry christmas and a great start into 2012! <3 i love and miss you all so much! <3

xoxo hannah ;)

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