Monday, November 21, 2011

What are friends for..!

Nadine- i have known you for about 4 years now and i could not imagine my life without you. I love you so much you're just an amazing friend and this is why you are my number one!! we have done some crazy shit together and have been through to much together for me not to love you over everything! <3 <3

Kristy- When i met you first we didnt get on well but then u already know that :D but now that we have become friends i ask myself how the hell i didnt like you before.! we have had some amazing school..sleepovers..parties EVERYTHING! :D i love you <3 <3 we have been through so much together and i will never forget you..not even possible! <3

Livia- Well what can i are funny, nice, stunningly beautiful, smart and you are an amazing friend to me!! even when something happens you will find a way to make me smile and laugh. I love you for everything you have done for me and i want u to know that im always here for you watever happens where ever you may be! Livia i love you <3

Becky- OMG you just to amazing for words! i dont think you have any idea how much you mean to me! its crazy how good friends we have become since you turned up in 7th grade! you have changed so much and i love that even though you have changed you are still becky :P (makes sense right :D ) your still the funny, pretty, smart, trustworthy and amazing person from 7th grade..ur just taller :D <3 MISFITS AND LONDON FOREVER!! <3 (i love you ;) )

Claire- You are the most beautiful person i have ever met! you are the best person in my life! we have been friends for ages now and i dont think i could ever live without you! german class...wat can i say me and you= double trouble times 1000 :D and PE this year..its the new german! ;) the sleepovers we had were just to funny i think we did more laughing and messing around then talking :P <3 i love you soooooo much darling you are the best and you always will be! <3 <3 

Ceylan- I would dont know what to say..your just amazing to me and i hope you feel the same way :p ur a funny girl and i love that about you!! i could never live in tutzing without you it would suck!! ;) we have had amazing summer holidays together (2011) and i cant wait to see what trouble we get into next year! <3 i love you darling!!
Kate- Darling you are the most adorable american i know. you have always been there for me and i will never forget all the things you have done and helped me with! and i will also never forget our first sleepover with henry, AJ and Ben! :D best time ever!! <3 i hope that where ever we both are we will stay friends and never forget the memories we share! <3 i love you so much sweetie! <3

Peyton- HAHAHAHAHAH thats all i can say!!! ur just such a funny person!! ofc there is also the fact that you are SUPER important to me and you are my little darling who is just beautiful and has the best personality ever! your always happy and you always find a way to make me smile! ;) <3 i love you babes!

Julia-Ur just to cool for this! when you left MIS in 6th grade i didnt know you well enough but im sooo happy you came back to MIS (even if ur not) :D and im not going to let you leave again..just incase you try to :P i love you so much and ur my history buddy for ever and ever! <3

Stella- Science 7th grade..without you there would have been no way i could have lived through that class! together we are unstoppable and we can blow up not only a classroom..NO THE SCHOOL! :D best time ever! ;) <3 love you soo much <3

Leonille- Well leo me and you became friends though fait and everyone says that but with me and you it really was ;) Happy Ending-Mika will always be my favorite song, because of that song ur my friend and that is something special. i love you for all the things u have done for me all the things you helped me and and supported me with. i love you so much a i want you to know that <3 <3

Raoul- Well you are just to cool to put into words!! when i met you guys i thought, ok why not have some fun :P but now its like i have known u for ages and ur one of the coolest and sweetest guys i know! we have had some pretty funny skype calls (paris) and interesting convos :D  i hope that even though we rarely see each other that we can always stay in contact! i love you to pluto and back..always have always will! <3 p.s. im still in love with ur eyelashes! <3


  1. Hannah- I love you too! ALL i can say is, THANK GOD for Catherine Tate! haha. Im so glad we got over our whole, bitch fight. I don't know what i wouldnt do without you honey. I know though, that we are still going to be best friends in twenty years, only we will both be married to hot ladyfucks, who always hate it when we go out, cuz they know just how much trouble we will get into. <3 I love you and cant wait to spend the next three and a half years with you!

  2. HAHAHA OMG! ladyfucks!!! me and you out on the town..we are going to get into a shit a load of trouble but I CANT WAIT!! <3 i love you so much its not even normal! <3

  3. 8th grade but nevermind.. i love you too <3

  4. ja ith weith!!!!!! neiiiinnnnnnnnn. das war thooo cool! das war thooo unccol! wo wir uns vorstellen wie ben drausen auf den flugzeug ist und den daumen hoch hält :D hahahaha) excusseeeee meeeeeee. i love you hannah❤
    hahaha oh and i remeber we were in mr.smith class and then you were humming the song and then i sang with you :D haha ill never forget that i love you :)